Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recent trip to Düsseldorf & Meeting Sui-Princess (picture heavy)

Hello dears ~ 
I'm  super sorry for being so lazy with my blog, but I'm really busy at the moment so I hope you'll forgive me and my laziness *bows*
Sooo...WHAT did happened lately in my life?
I got myself three awesome products which I really really love:
benefit's Ultra Shine Lipgloss in 'Patootie'

benefit's Lipstick in 'Mod Suad' (19 Euros)
biotherm lip care (9,95 Euros)

Dears, you really need to buy the lip care if you have dry lips (like me), it's so worth the money, promised!
Well then, let's go on with the next topic:
My trip to Düsseldorf together with my boyfriend!
First of all, he gave this gorgeous ring to me Q___Q
It's truly the prettiest Swarovski ring I have ever seen in my life and I'm so freaking happy that I can call it my own. Again, thank you so fucking much darling 
We went on to eat something that day, so I finally got my Shoyu-Ramen and made this picture of my boyfriend and me (my tongue looks so weird xD)
How I looked that day:
Very natural make-up, coz I was way too sleepy to use more make-up ^^'
What do you think about it?

AND OF COURSE we also made some purikura, btw. it was the first time I could convince my boyfriend to make some purikua with me, so here we go ~

Soooooooo and now I'll tell you something very very great...
I met Sui-Princess !!!!
Omg dears, let me tell you one thing: Her personality is as gorgeous as her face
She's such a sweet Gal!
I met her, her fiancé, her best friend Laura and two readers of her blog Kaya and Lynn (which u really need to check btw.) at the central station of Düsseldorf and we went to the so-called 'japanese-area' to -yes you guys must already know what I'm going to say now- purikura!
BUT it wasn't planned that Sui's fiancé took some photos WHILE we were taking ours xD

The way i looked that day:

Me and Sui looking at our purikura  

Me, Kaya and Lynn behind the purikura-machine xDDD

Me and Sui's best friend
(Just don't look at my funny moves xDDDDDD And my face xDDD It's getting worser the more I look at me xDDD)

After Kaya & Lynn left, we went on to eat some ramen in a restaurant called 'TAKUMI'.
I've heard of this restaurant before and I was very curious how my favourit ramen would taste there, I'm so spoiled by another asian ramenshop, and I really have to say...
And I even got this too O_O
Goshhhh...I guess you'll believe me If I say that I was SO FULL after I ate my food
And well...Sui's fiancé again xDDD
Caught us while we were feeding our smartphone addiction and I swear...his camera is everywhere xD
Was so much fun!
And such HQ-pictures 

After we ate so much, Sui was shopping some cute bunny-stickers (maybe for her phone?) and a really cute soap dispenser (shoo shoo go & read her blog!). We were also visiting a bookstore but in the end...well...see for yourselves...


And well...all good things have to come to an end, so we see off each other at the central station. The only problem was, my f!$%&! train had to stop during the ride back home because some idiots were on the tracks and the people thought they wanted to kill themselves...a big misunderstanding in the end train was freaking late...
But this wasn't all -___-
I had to change my train so many times that I really got pissed off AND, to make it worse, there were drunken soccer fans who were annoying me so much that I nearly snaped ... But well, I really enjoyed that day, meeting everyone was so nice...haven't laughed so much for a long time! Hope to see everyone again soon!

Stay tuned for the next blog!


                P.S I just found this pic...OMG! LOVE!!! (so cuteeeee °A°)


  1. Süße Fotos :)
    Die Puris mit deinem Freund sind ja toll *__*

  2. oh du bist so süß haha :D
    Ich liebe dein Outfit :3
    aber wie kriegst du die Haare so toll hin *___*?

  3. @Denise
    Meine Haare?
    Alsodie hälfte sind erstmal Extnsions und die mach ich mir halt in meine echten Haare, mache mir mit einem Lockenstab die locken und danach schau ich halt ob ich oben oder an den Seiten noch etwas toupieren muss...das wars eigentlich, nichts besonderes ^^'

  4. I'm follow now from Tokyo.
    Please follow back me.

  5. so süße bilder :) und deine haare sehen so schön aus *_*


  6. awww your blog is so cute!!! So awesome that they have purikura in düsseldorf! I've heard that there are actually different Japanese shops and restaurants there.. maybe I should visit some time :D It looks like you had a lot of fun with your blogger friends!!! You all look so lovely~

  7. hi cutie <3
    no problem! i really like it! but i hope you post more often (;_;)
    im waiting for new post!!! :)

    thank you thank you>< i also do my best to have a "not-boring"blog ><
    i hope it works!
    yes! sometimes the flights are very expensive, but sometimes a little cheap :) you just have to search a litte!!

    may i ask you, how old you are? you look so young!

    und ja haha ich bin auch deutsch :D ich schreib mal englisch dass es alle deine leser verstehen :) lol

    ja das ist mein freund ^-^

    lovely greetings <3