Sunday, June 17, 2012

My day with velvet


Hello again my dear readers,
yes I know I'm late with my blogpost (again!!) and again I'm pretty sorry ^^"

Yesterday I met the girls & boys of the german gyarusa 'Velvet' about which I talked in my last post. Basically you can describe this meet-up as COMPLETELY CRAZY! All of them are so super sweet, nice and funny, you would love them for sure! We've been hanging out quite often lately and I really began to love this little gal circle a lot. 

And suddenly they asked me to join their gyarusa
I was like: "Whut? Really? ;___; "
Frist, I really couldn't believe it but after some seconds I realized that this was no joke.
I never felt like I belonged somewhere or to somekind of group nor I thought I needed it but this is the very first time (and I'm really NOT lyin') that I do feel exactly this. To me, it's feels like coming home, knowing you'll have a good time with people who care about you without faking. To me, as a person who actually prefers to be alone, it was a huuggee thing to be with them every time we've met, coz I enjoyed being around them. Somehow I always felt complete while hanging out with them...
God, I'm getin' quite sentimental here but that's just the way I feel ^^" So I'm really REALLY happy to join velvet and hopefully we'll have more awesome days together, more memories to share and more crazy pictures. 
I do love you guys so much 
Thank you

Last but not least I wanted to show you some recent pictures of me :)

That's all I have for now my dears ~

I will try to update my blog more often :)

Staaaaaaaaay tuned <3