Saturday, January 19, 2013

Style Change & Hero Jaejoong

Hello my dear readers,

as u all may noticed, my header and layout on blogspot changed, as well as my current style now.
Since I really like the basic rock-style, it didn't take a lot of time until I totally fell for rokku gyaru. I really adore all the leather combined with studs and crosses, because to me, this style is way beyond sexy.
Of course I still like styles like Liz Lisa but basically I'm more into edgy stuff, which you will see soon in my next post (hint here: I had a photoshooting).

Now I want to show u some styles that recently were on my mind:

rokku gals
love that jacket
my beloved lady gaga

Anyways ~
I went shopping annnd I brought the most gorgeous jacket I've ever seen *Q* So let me introduce you to my recent gets:
First of all my beloved leather jacket, which I got form our shopping mall in my town (I've been craving for this jacket for weeks now)

Isn't this jacket stunning?
Even though I hesitated to buy its coz it was a little expensive but...I even dreamed about that jacket so, I couldn't resist.
Moreover I got nice Jewelry & some shirts at Primark (actually I don't like that store coz it was actually known to have bad quality fabrics but since I saw they have a lot of nice cross printed and band shirts I decided to give it a try)
I searched for a cross necklace and finally found a very cheap one. (Picture taken from Google)
Crossearrings (Picture taken from Google)

A Robbie Williams shirt, a MUST-HAVE to me :* (Picture taken from Google)
Of course I also visited my favorite Make-up store and also brought a new eye-shadow pallet from theBalm which I searched for AGES! I didn't even know that they sell theBalm in our shopping mall xD
Trying this concealer for the first time (Picture taken from Kiko's Webstore)

The best eyeliner I've ever used (Picture taken from Kiko's Webstore)
Got the white eyeliner on the left. It has these nice pure-white sparkles (Picture taken from Google)

The package is so cool! And it comes with a small brush.

 That's all I got for now and I can say...I felt so good after buying my goodies and I can't wait to try everything out, especially an outfit combined with the new jacket :) Also I might try that look which Lady Gaga has in the picture above, coz this bandana she wears is quite cool.
BUT that's not all ~
Since u may know I'm a huge fan of JYJ  and one member of them, Jaejoong, released a solo album called 'MINE' and also released a MV which I really wanted to share with you guys. I need to say that at first I was super shocked when I saw it, because Jaejoong changed his style so rapidly. I saw some preview pictures before but the final MV was quite...WOW. I mean I love his new style, this more darkish thing he's trying out fits him so well, also the new make-up. I really can't wait for more videos.

 Bye for now dears & stay tuned for more posts



  1. Hey, great inspirations for a new style~ :3
    I don't want to sound rude, just a little notice:
    The gals you posted at the top are not 'rokku', but 'OraOra'. ^^~
    I think you'd love that style even more. ;3

  2. am i the only one who isn't surprised by jaejoongs 'change'? like in..if you follow his twitter, you see that he wears stuff like that in private XD his accessory always weare rockish and quite dark, even goth looking before too, while his casual clothing had this rockish type as well. so i am happy, that he finally tried that genre in music too. (of course he took that darker look a little far, but that's jj <3)

    and dang your jacket looks amazing!
    and tell me how the kiko stuff is ;))