Friday, February 8, 2013

Int.Gyaru Wintermeet & Birthday & Get's (picture heavy)

Hello my dear sweethearts!
As you can read in the headline, I visited the international gyaru wintermeet in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Actually I didn't even paln to go there because I wasn't feeling that well  but I'm super gald that i did go!
Jesus, I've never seen such a huge crowd of big hair and lashes in my whole life :DDD 
Seriously I was quite overwhelmed that so many Gals came, also some from the Netherlands, Hungary and even Barcelona! I met so many sweet and kind gals...damn and I also finally finally met the gorgeous Rox !
Let me tell you one thing...that girl is so sweet and funny ^0^ If u read this Roxy, I was so so happy to meet u AND same goes to sweet Jessica from the Netherlands, you're awesome girl!

And here you have some pictures:

my arm looks weird :D Picture taken by Binh
my very first cream soda (left one)
My sweet Keiji brother-love and me

Aiko and me 

And guess what....
I turned freakin' 20 years old on 30th January :D
Geez...suddenly I feel so old, like I was 17 and then turned 20 all of a sudden hahaha!
So gals and boys, my time is running now!
Just kidding! Anyways I got seduced by awesome food on my special day!
For example:

This sweet cupcake made by my classmate Sabrina  

my dinner (Yakitori and French Salad) made by my royal brother Keiji ;)

Also I went gift-hunting recently and decided to buy myself some make-up and also some new books to read (I've already read all of my books even though I have so many).
Maybe you remember the concealer by Kiko I blogged about in my last post? I tried it out and first I was a little irritated because somehow it looked yellowish but it blends well with my skin and its not visible underneath my normal make-up. It covers really nicely and is really worth the money.
my new books, a very tiny perfume, two MAC products (Primer & Foundation) and  the Kiko Concealer again
So...I also got some new MAC products because I ran out of primer and I wanted to try a new foundation so sadly I needed to invest a little money (actually I think MAC products are quite pricey). I have very fair skin so its a big problem to find the perfect foundationshade and believe me...I tried so many ;____;
This time I wanted to try this brand fits my skintone quite good. Im satisfied & so it was worth buying.

That's all for now sweethearts, Im gonna get going reading my new books :)

Loads of love,