Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Panics & News

Hey sweethearts,

since every Blogger I know is hyping and freaking out over the big news that they will loose their followers here on Google Reader because of 'Whatever', so I decided to join that 'bloglovin'' thing.
You can find me here -> MY BLOOOOOOG

Well let's go on with the more important stuff !
Since you all my noticed I wasn't and still am not very active here which is mainly caused by lack of creativity and new ideas. Soon there will be some changes concerning my life (I'm currently not feeling so well) and other things which may surprise you in a positive way :) .

Recently I got some packages which I ordered some time ago!

This is an AWESOME smelling scrub which is based on sugar. I absolutely recommend this to you guys!
Your skin will feel silky and smooth, it's a promise.
I also own the body lotion which is really thick and has the same smell as the scrub.
The only thing which I didn't like that much is the price, coz I think 15€ is  a little heavy for a body lotion.

I rly got a seahorse plushie!
Yeah i know I'm ACTUALLY too OLD to still love plushies BUT...seriously look, this pink horsey is so adorable!
I named her 'Daisy' :)

So guys, what do u think?
Plushies are YAY or NAY ?

       And new two babies: Make-up/Tutorial books

I really want to improve my make-up skills much more, I want to create more different looks, do some transformations etc. I've always loved make-up & cosmetics in general but I mostly learned from YouTube tutorials and to me, that's not enough ;D  Since I'm not rich, i can't afford a professional make-up artist diploma sooooo I needed to help myself and decided to go for books this time. As soon as I read through them, I'm gonna post the most interesting parts here :)

Also I want to introduce my fav. make-up artists of all time:
Michelle Phan 
Promise Tamang Phan
Brittany Balyn
Rose Shock

All these girls are true magicians when it comes to make-up and every look they're creating is so stunning! My biggest dream is to be as good as them, create looks easily and make my own (good quality) tutorials on YouTube. So ladies & gentleman I need to work hard hard haaarrd to be as good as them someday ;)

Here a little spring inspiration for your guys:

ENJOY your week, stay creative and be yourself