Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If you dream on...

Hello everyone!

It took me like forever to write here again AND SO MUCH HAPPENED LATELY!
I had this blogpost on hold for so long already because I basically didn`t find the right words to express myself
So then, where should I start?

First of all I have a new job.
I`m currently working as a hairdresser!
It took me nearly a year to finally realize that I need do a job which makes me happy entirely and to be brave enough to give up on the life I was living before. I was confronted with shitloads of difficulties and fears, for example, how I should pay my bills, my rent and my life because, as some of u might know, the payment of a hairdresser is pretty low. All this went to a point where I really collapsed from all that pressure and couldn't go out for several days.

Why am I telling you this?

I can tell you guys that I never felt as worse as I did during that kind of period before. It dragged me down so much so please, at least try to live your dreams, it's really worth it!

Right now, I'm doing so fine, you can't imagine!
I feel like I'm finally alive.
That decision was one of the best I've ever made so far and to be honest I feel like it rescued me somehow. The process of realising you`re so seriously unhappy that it`s making you sick took so much time and nerves and for a period of time I was scared how to go on, how to quit the old job and get a new one. To me it was not easy to deal with everything  but I`m glad I made this final step.

For the first time I feel I achieved sth. really great and I`m gonna treasure this experience.

Finally I`m happy

Thank you all for being and supporting me during this time. I can`t even say how grateful I am.

Loads of Love,


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